Quick Tips from Stage It Sell It continued.

Lower the Asking Price or Stage?

Multiple showings followed by no offers may be the result of the home not showing as well as possible and not the asking price itself. “A typical price reduction of 3% on a $300,000 home is $9,000. The cost of staging a home that has furniture, but needs rearranging and restyling can cost from $500- $2500. In addition, a staged home typically sells for 7% more than comparable un-staged homes and sell twice as fast.”*

Some pro-active real estate agents have added Home Staging consultants to their listing packages as a creative, smart, low cost marketing tool that results in a big return on the investment. Please contact me today for information about adding a professional Home Staging consultant to your team. Don’t forget to ask about our agent discount.

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* Source: Home Magazine, June 2007, p.98