Professional Home Staging for New Jersey and the Tri-State area

While Home Staging is a familiar term to many, it is still a fairly new concept. Home Staging is a “HANDS ON” approach that prepares a home for sale by eliminating clutter, using furniture placement and organization to enhance the appeal and assets a home has to offer, both inside and out. Although there are various other forms of Home Staging, one of the most efficient and cost effective methods is the practice of using the home owners own furnishings and accessories.

The appearance and invitingness of your homes exterior is known as Curb Appeal, which represents the first impression of your home. The appearance of your home from the exterior is as important as the interior. If the exterior is not appealing to a potential buyer, they will assume the interior evokes the same feeling.

“You never get a second chance to make a good
first impression!”

Home buyers can not usually visualize a homes potential. Various real estate sources report that a home buyer can make up their mind about a home they are viewing in the first 10 seconds. Therefore not giving much room for error. Every home has an unique feature that makes it different and stand out from other homes on the market. Fine tuning and finishing touches are an important part of the homes presentation, making Home Staging an essential part of the home selling process. read more…


HomeGain’s 2009 Realtor Survey listed home staging as one of the most effective means of increasing your selling price, with a return on your investment well over 500%. It will always cost far less than your first price reduction. Studies also show a professionally staged home averages 6-10% returns and reduces the number of days your home is on the market by over 50%, even in today’s market.

The Real Estate Staging Association recently released statistics showing that staged homes sold 46% faster in 2007, and 89% faster in 2008… Click here to read the full article


Jeffrey did an amazing job for us. Our house was oon the market for 6 months and after Stage It Sell It finished, it sold in 4 days. Thank you Jeffrey! - Ron and Sondra S. Ron and Sondras house is just an example of what we can do for you. Professional and always on budget call us today! Click here to view our gallery showcasing some of our projects.


Realtors. Do your photos show off your listings?

Potential home buyers have an overwhelming number of homes to choose from in today’s market. “70% of home buyers will pick out the top five properties they want to tour from online photos”*

Here are a few tips to make your home stand out: Use a tripod; Blury pictures is a complete turn off to potentiaql buyers. Lights off; By turning the lights off and relying on the camera flash you will have a more balanced photo and the house colors will look better. Angles; Try different angles to show off the most appealing aspect of the room from architecture to ceiling height. Learn more…